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Specific Skills Courses

These courses focus on developing English language skills in specific business contexts:

  • Pronunciation
  • Writing for Business
  • Meetings with Results
  • Powerful Presentation.

  • The courses provide students with the necessary skills and strategies to perform their jobs more effectively in English. It creates a better impression in their dealings with native speakers of English or using the language for global communication. 

    Meetings with Results
    Duration: 10 – 15 hours Course description:
    • Participate competently in a formal meeting
    • Participate effectively in video conferencing, teleconferencing and conference calls
    • Confidently participate in decision making, problem solving and strategy meetings
    • Put forward proposals and ask and answer questions
    • Gain an understanding of  British business culture
    Minimum Level:
    Top Level:
    Materials: inlingua Basic Meetings (2B), Meetings (3A/3B)
    Powerful Presentations
    Duration: 10 – 15 hours Course description:
    • structure, plan and prepare a clear and effective presentation
    • make a powerful first impression
    • time their presentations
    • exploit visual aids
    • appreciate common factors which affect the delivery of the presentation
    • use a variety of strategies to improve the use of their voice
    • employ basic techniques to communicate the message effectively
    • exhibit positive body language which supports the presentation
    • handle questions effectively
    Minimum Level:
    Top Level:
    Materials: inlingua Access to Professional English 2A
    and 2B
    Duration: 10 - 15 hours Course description:
    • Understand different varieties of spoken English more easily
    • Understand nuances and shades of meaning they didn’t hear before
    • Express themselves with greater fluency and confidence
    • Demonstrate their good command of English is not distorted by poor pronunciation
    • Use pronunciation features to make themselves understood more easily
    • Use pronunciation features to communicate more effectively
    Minimum Level:
    Top Level:
    Materials: in-house Pronunciation Course
    Writing for Business
    Duration:10 - 15 hours Course description:
    • Improve clarity of sentences and paragraphs (position of ideas, length)
    • Improve clarity of the overall text (cohesion and coherence, logical development of an argument, clearly signposted and supported conclusions)
    • Express ideas with greater brevity (favoured style in English business writing)
    • Use a brief, direct, but appropriately formal style
    • Improve accuracy through remedial grammar work and proofreading
    Minimum Level:
    Top Level:
    Materials: inlingua Business Writing and in-house training materials

    For further information please contact us on:
     +44 (0)20 7183 4233

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